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June-July 1994
Volume 27, Number 4

Meeting Notice
Last Meeting
Banquet and Tour
Doug Bellina
Dick Markell

Fez and Dues Notice
Film Program
Looking Back


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Meeting Notice

This is it! We're packing up our wax fruit and going to the mountains, er, uh, the convention. Before we do, we'll have another Way Out West meeting. The event will be on Tuesday evening, June 14, 1994, at the Mayflower Club. The doors open at 6:30 PM and the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. The Famous Fabulous Fisher Franks will be target for your tummies and the Marvelous Mayflower Bar will be ready to wet your whistles. The Mayflower Club is located at 11110 Victory Boulevard, in North Hollywood (west of Vineland Avenue). Since Stan Laurel's birthday is approaching (June 16), we'll honor him and Oliver Hardy (whose birthday cake was "quaked" in January), with a cake to commemorate their birthdays. Also, we hope to have Betty Goulding Saunders with us for the evening. Her late husband, Alf Goulding, directed the boys in A Chump at Oxford. So join us, Tuesday evening, June 14, 1994.

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Last Meeting

The Way Out West meeting of April 26, 1994, began as always with the singing of the "Sons of the Desert" song and then we toasted Stan, Babe, and the rest of the toastees. Celebrity guests who joined us for the evening were Billy Benedict of Great Guns and "Eastside Kids" fame; Emanuel "Frenchy" Caralli from Miracle on 34th Street; Jay Dare, the boys costumer on The Dancing Masters and The Bullfighters; and Alice Jackson, long time friend of T. Marvin Hatley, who is establishing the "T. Marvin Hatley Music Foundation," to help young musicians get their start. The film program for the evening got off to a hilarious start with Charley Chase and Thelma Todd in The Pip From Pittsburgh, followed by Stan, Babe, and birthday boy Edgar Kennedy in Leave 'Em Laughing. The salute to Edgar continued with Perfect Day, Night Owls and the finale for the evening, Air Raid Wardens.

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Way Out West Banquet and Tour

The Way Out West annual banquet will be held on Saturday evening, October 22, 1994, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. In addition to celebrities and raffles, we'll enjoy a menu consisting of teriyaki top sirloin steak, Caesar salad, vegetable du jour, rolls and butter, chocolate moose, and coffee, tea, or milk. If you require a special diet, we can accommodate your needs. Also, free secured parking will be included. The cost for the evening is $35 if you register before October 17, 1994. If you register after October 17, 1994, the price will be $40. This year promises to be a new and different experience from others. More information will follow, as it is received. Also, on Sunday, October 23, 1994, the Way Out West Bus Tour will take place. The tour is in the planning stages now. More details will follow in upcoming newsletters.

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Doug Bellina

On March 29, 1994, Way Out West Tent member Doug Bellina passed away. Over the years, Doug and his wife, Dorothy, were always there for the tent, lending a hand whether giving a ride to somebody who needed one, making table decorations for our banquets or just over all help. They even filled in for Lori "Mama Hen" McCaffery (while she was out of town during 1986), taking care of the details of Way Out West business. Our sincere sympathy goes to Dorothy, Debbie (Doug's daughter), Tom (son-in-law), and the rest of their family. We shall all miss Doug and remember him with fond memories.

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Dick Markell

With great regret, we announce the death of long time member Dick Markell, on April 8, 1994. Our condolences go to his wife Lorane, and daughter Laura.

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Fez and Dues Notice

Don't forget! We now have fezzes for sale. You don't want to be left out. For only $6, you can be properly topped off. Also, it's never too late to join the Way Out West Tent or bring your dues current for the year. The prices are $28 per single membership, $44 per couple, $48 per family with all living at the same address, and $5 to receive the newsletter only. There is no additional charge for the newsletter to those with fully paid memberships. The door charge for a single meeting is $7.50. If you join during the year, then the above mentioned prices for memberships are prorated according to when you join.

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Film Program for June 14, 1994

Habeas Corpus
Released December 1, 1928. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Richard Carle, and Charley Rogers. The boys are hired by a mad scientist to steel a dead body from the cemetery for an experiment. Directed by James Parrott.

Them Thar Hills
Released July 21, 1934. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Charlie Hall, and Billy Gilbert. On the advice of Dr. Billy Gilbert, the boys take a trip to the mountains. The unsuspecting Laurel and Hardy drink plenty of spiked mountain water and share it with the stranded Mrs. Hall, while Mr. Hall gases his car. Upon his return, the fun begins. Directed by Charles Rogers.

Tit For Tat
Released January 5, 1935. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Charlie Hall, Bobby Dunn, and James C. Morton. The boys, owners of an electrical supply store, are unable to strike up a friendship with neighboring grocery store owner, Mr. Hall, who remembers the mountain encounter with his wife and the boys. The result is an exchange of disturbances in both stores. Nominated as the Best Short Subject Comedy in January 1936. The sequel to Them Thar Hills. Directed by Charles Rogers.

A Chump at Oxford
Released February 16, 1940. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin, James Finlayson, Vivien Oakland, Harry Bernard, Wilfred Lucas, Forrester Harvey, Charlie Hall, Peter Cushing, Forbes Murray, and Eddie Borden. After thwarting a bank robbery, the boys are rewarded with an education at Oxford. Surviving a detour set up by some mischievous college pranksters, Stan and Ollie settle into their room. When the open window falls on Stan's head as he looks out, he becomes the brilliant Lord Paddington, an Oxford scholar of years passed. That same window knocks the sense out of Stan, as he and Ollie resume their friendship at the film's conclusion. Directed by Alfred Goulding.

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Looking Back

75 years ago:

70 years ago:

65 years ago:

60 years ago:

55 years ago:

25 years ago:

10 years ago:

5 years ago:

Sources for Looking Back are:
Laurel and Hardy-The Magic Behind the Movies, by Randy Skretvedt
The Laurel and Hardy Book-edited by Leonard Maltin
The Little Racsals-The Life and Times of Our Gang, by Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann

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   8  Rosina & John McCabe      Wedding Anniversary
   8  Dorothy Coburn            The Finishing Touch
   8  Henry Brandon             Babes in Toyland
   8  Sheila Ryan               Great Guns
   9  Bob Cummings              Sons of the Desert
  10  Hattie McDaniel           Zenobia
  13  Ralph Edwards             This is Your Life
  15  Harry Langdon             Zenobia
  21  Al Hirschfeld             Artist of L & H stamp
   2  Rychard Cramer            Saps at Sea
   2  Sidney "Woim" Kibrick     Our Gang
   5  John Elliott              Sons of the Desert (Exhausted Ruler in film)
   5  Billy "Froggy" Laughlin   Our Gang
  12  Alice Cooke               Stan Jefferson Trio
  18  Lupe Velez                Hollywood Party
  18  Bill Patterson            Way Out West Tent Founder
  19  Vera Ralston              Fighting Kentuckian
  19  Harvey Wasden             Hal Roach sound man
  20  Muriel Evans              Pack Up Your Troubles
  22  Orson Bean                S.O.D. Co-founder
  23  Hank Worden               The Bullfighters
  29  Thelma Todd               Another Fine Mess

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