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September-October 1994
Volume 27, Number 6

Meeting Notice
Annual Banquet
Locations Tour
9th International Convention

Last Meeting
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Looking Back


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Meeting Notice

Fall is approaching and so is another Way Out West Tent meeting. You're all welcome to "fall" on over (just kidding) to the Mayflower Club on Tuesday evening, September 13, 1994. As always, the doors open at 6:30 PM, and the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. The Famous Fabulous Fisher Franks will be on hand to find their ways down your fairway, and the Marvelous Mayflower Bar will be serving up liquid joy to all who want it. The Mayflower Club is located at 11110 Victory Boulevard (west of Vineland Avenue), in North Hollywood. We hope to see you on Tuesday evening, September 13, 1994.

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Way Out West Banquet

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel will play host to this year's Way Out West Tent Banquet, on Saturday evening, October 22, 1994. This is the same hotel where the boys were honored after their December 1, 1954 appearance on "This is Your Life," which will also be the theme for the evening. The invited celebrities are (alphabetically, schedules and health permitting): Peggy and Lassie Aherne (Our Gang), Billy Benedict (Great Guns), June Chase (daughter of Charlie Chase), Norma Drew Churchill (Chickens Come Home), Frank "Junior" Coghlan (Our Gang), Jay Dare (Costumer at 20th Century Fox and set dresser at Roach Studios), Dorothy Deborba (Our Gang), Marianne Edwards (Our Gang), Ralph Edwards (This is Your Life), Muriel Evans (Pack Up Your Troubles), Edith Fellows (Our Gang), Dorothy Granger (Hog Wild), Phillip Hurlic (Zenobia), Mary Ann Jackson (Our Gang), Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (Our Gang), Dick Jones (Our Gang), Eleanor Keaton (Mrs. Buster Keaton), Mabel Langdon (Mrs. Harry Langdon), Betty Libbit (sister of Lucille Hardy Price), Jerry Maren (Our Gang), Trudy Marshall (The Dancing Masters), Chuck McCann and Jim MacGeorge (L & H impersonators), Bob Overbeck (Roach Studio Technician), Vera Ralston (Fighting Kentuckian), Lois Roberts (Mrs. Thomas Benton Roberts), Betty Goulding Saunders (Mrs. Alf Goulding), Bunny Seawright (Mrs. Roy Seawright), Harry Thomas (Roach Studio Make-Up Artist and Pardon Us), and Harvey Wasden (Roach Studios Soundman).

The menu will serve up Teriyaki Top Sirloin Steak, Caesar Salad, vegetables du jour, rolls and butter, chocolate mousse and coffee, tea or milk. If you require a special diet, we will accommodate you. Please make a note on the reservations form as to your needs. Secured valet parking is included at no extra charge. Be sure to get a sticker from Lori "Mama Hen" McCaffery when you arrive at the banquet and attach it to your parking ticket. If you register by October 17, 1994, the price will be $35 per person. After October 17, 1994, the price will be $40 per person. The cocktail hour will begin at 6:00 PM, and the dinner will begin serving at 7:00 PM, in the Blossom Room. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard (between Highland Avenue and LaBrea Avenue, across from Mann's Chinese Theatre) in Hollywood. The attire for the evening is dress up.

Celebrity introductions, awards, super raffle, and a screening of This is Your Life, Laurel and Hardy will take place at this special event. So, don't delay. Get your reservations in now. Your banquet tickets will be held at the door.

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Laurel and Hardy Locations Tour

The Perfect Day house, The Music Box steps, and The Leave 'Em Laughing Main Street will be just a few locations to be seen on the Way Out West Tent tour of Laurel and Hardy locations, on Sunday, October 23, 1994. As we have mentioned before, each year one or more of the locations turns into a parking lot or mini-mall. So, don't be left out. Join us for a trip down Laurel and Hardy memory lane. The air conditioned, non-smoking busses (equipped with bathroom facilities) will leave from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at 10:00 AM on Sunday, October 23, 1994, and will return between 4:00 and 5:00 that afternoon. There will be a lunch stop, "on your own," on the way. The cost for the tour is $25 per person.

Once again, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard (between Highland Avenue and LaBrea Avenue, across the street from Mann's Chinese theatre) in Hollywood. Parking is available across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at the parking structure on Orange Drive (south of Hollywood Boulevard) and Hawthorne Avenue, for a nominal fee.

SPECIAL - Go to the Banquet (October 22, 1994) and take the Locations Bus Tour (October 23, 1994) as a package deal for $55 per person (a $5 per person savings). You must be registered and you must pay by the October 17, 1994 deadline. After October 17, 1994, the combined cost for both the Banquet and Locations Bus Tour is $60 per person (also a $5 savings).

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9th International Convention

The Sons of the Desert held their 9th International Convention at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, New York this past July 13-17. The convention kicked off with toasts to Stan, Ollie, Fin, Charlie and Mae, and Al Kilgore. Exhausted Ruler, John McCabe, presented his Founders Awards to the Leave 'Em Laughing Tent of Liverpool, England, and The Busy Bodies Tent of Superior, Wisconsin.

The evening continued with the video "Parade of Tents," where many of the tents performed many clever and funny skits. Also, special tributes to Anita Garvin Stanley, Charley Chase, and Al Kilgore rounded out the first evening, before the Laurel and Hardy Cinema and the "Midnight Madness" Dealers Room opened.

The second day had the delegates out sight-seeing in New York, while back at the hotel, Beau Hunks Grand Sheik Jack Taylor presented the Laurel and Hardy Art, Memorabilia, and Slide Show. Later that evening, the Way Out "East" Barbecue Buffet served up ribs, chicken, hot dogs, beans, salads, and desserts. Next, under the guidance of "The Bacon Grabbers'" Marcia Opal, The Edgar Kennedy Gouty Foot Olympics were underway. The "Gouty Foot Relay Race" was won by the "Way Out West" team made up of Jimmy Wiley Jr., Jimmy Wiley III, Bob Satterfield, Janet Duff, John Duff, and Rick Lindner (Perfect Day tent of Columbus, Ohio). The "Way Out West" tent also won the "Anita Garvin Cherry Chasing Event" with the team of Jimmy Wiley Jr., Jimmy Wiley III, Bob Satterfield, Rick Lindner (Perfect Day tent, Columbus, Ohio), Michael Glazer and "Big Al" Corwin (both from the Big Business tent of Ohio).

Next up were the Laurel and Hardy Music Trivia Contest, won by David Greim of the Boston Brats tent, and the Laurel and Hardy Film Trivia contest, won by John Duff of the Way Out West tent. The evening had a very special finale when the delegates had a chance to "Meet the McCabes." Exhausted Ruler John McCabe and his wife, Rosina Lawrence McCabe (Mary Roberts) graciously answered the questions of all and gave us more information and insight to the art of the comedy of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The third day had the buses going out to the Statue of Liberty for a day of fun. That evening everyone had an opportunity to ask questions of the celebrity panel. The panel was made up of (alphabetically) Dorothy Deborba (Our Gang), Lois Laurel Hawes, Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (Our Gang), Jacquie Lyn (Pack Up Your Troubles), Trudy Marshall (The Dancing Masters), Doris McFarland (Spanky's widow), Shirley Jean Rickert (Our Gang&emdash;also making her first appearance at a Son's convention), and Jerry Tucker (Our Gang). The evening then brought us to the "Laurel and Hardy Laughing 20's and 30's Banquet," complete with costumes, music by The Bluebird Society Orchestra, candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars, and squirt guns (which got plenty of use).

The fourth day took us to Rye Playland Amusement Park for lots of rides, games, the "Brats" Golf Tournament, and the "PeeWee" contest. That evening, the "Big Apple" Banquet featured the "Our Gang Follies" starring Jerry Tucker as Jerry, Dorothy Deborba as "Echo", Jacquie Lyn as Jacquie, Eugene Jackson as "Pineapple," Tracy Tolzmann (Block-Heads tent, Twin Cities) as "Chubby," and Rebecca Kane (Another Fine Mess tent, Sacramento) as Miss. Crabtree. Also, Jacquie Lyn recreated her role as "Eddie's baby" in a scene from Pack Up Your Troubles, with Laurel and Hardy look-a-likes.

Also on hand was Sons of the Desert Co-Founder Chuck McCann, to deliver a special toast. Author Richard Bann presented Doris McFarland with a blown up photograph of Spanky with Stan and Ollie (taken on the set of Tit for Tat) which was signed by all of the delegates attending the convention. Jack Roth, Convention Chairman, presented Jerry and Myra Schatz with a plaque, in honor of their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. Comedian Wil Jordan entertained the crowd with his celebrity impressions. A special video tribute to George "Spanky" McFarland was shown. The evening came to a close after a Memorabilia Auction took place to some very interested fans.

The fifth and final day began with the "Farewell Brunch," made up of assorted juices, cereals, eggs, bacon, chicken breasts, glazed ham, potatoes, pastries, and beverages. Awards were presented to the winners of The Edgar Kennedy Gouty Foot Olympics, Pee Wee Contest, Golf Tournament, and Music Trivia Contest, and Film Trivia Contest. A convention first took place at this brunch&emdash;"Laurel and Hardy Jeopardy." After a lot of fun and trivia, the Blue team came out as the winners over the Red team. Stan Taffel, the Grand Sheik of the Founding Tent, offered an original musical tribute to Rosina Lawrence and Anita Garvin.

Finally, the ceremonial passing of the pineapple was handed to Lee McBeath, Grand Sheik of the "Tree in a Test Tube" tent of Bartlett, Illinois and Convention Host for 1996. After some closing remarks, the 1994 convention came to an end. Congratulations to Jack Roth, Dwain Smith, Stan Taffel, and the rest of the New York '94 Convention Committee for a job well done.

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Last Meeting

The meeting of August 2, 1994, began with the traditional singing of the Sons of the Desert Song and toasts to Stan, Ollie, Fin, Charlie, Mae, Al Kilgore, and special toasts to T. Marvin Hatley and the late Anita Garvin Stanley. After some announcements by Lori "Mama Hen" McCaffery, the program was underway with the boys in The Second Hundred Years (1927). This short was followed by our special guest for the evening, Randy Skretvedt, author of Laurel and Hardy-The Magic Behind the Movies. Randy showed us an interview he filmed with Anita Garvin Stanley in 1981, where she spoke on how she got the part of falling on the pie in The Battle of the Century, the boys, Fin, Hal Roach, and her days at the Roach Studios. A question and answer period followed. Many thanks to Randy for a very fun and informative presentation. After the break, the film program continued with Another Fine Mess (1930), and Beau Hunks (1931). Also joining us for the evening were Harvey Wasden, sound man at the Hal Roach Studios in the 1920's and 1930's, and Jay Dare, who also worked at the "Lot of Fun" as a set dresser and later at 20th Century Fox as a costumer for the boys in The Dancing Masters and The Bullfighters.

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Film Program for September 13, 1994

Their Purple Moment&emdash;Released May 19, 1928. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin, Tiny Sandford, and Jimmy Aubrey. The boys plan to go out for a night on the town. Earlier, Stan's wife finds his secret hiding place and substitutes all of his money with cigar coupons. Stan doesn't realize this until he and Ollie and a couple of floozies have run up a large bill at the restaurant. It all comes to a battling climax when the boys, the wives, chef and waiter settle the score in the kitchen.

One Good Turn&emdash;Released October 31, 1931. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mary Carr, James Finlayson and Billy Gilbert. A sweet old lady provides a meal for a hungry Stan and Ollie, While eating, they overhear a villain threatening to evict the old lady because her money for the due mortgage has been stolen. To help the lady, the boys try to auction their car. A drunk, bidding on the car, accidentally sticks his wallet in Stan's pocket. When Ollie discovers Stan's new found fortune, he turns him over to the old lady as a thief. The result is that Ollie has made a "faux pas," because the old lady was only rehearsing for a play. Stan gets his revenge on Ollie. One Good Turn marks Billy Gilbert's debut in a Laurel and Hardy film.

Towed in a Hole&emdash;Released December 31, 1932. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Billy Gilbert. Fish salesmen, Laurel and Hardy go to the junk yard to buy a boat to catch their own fish. In spite of their efforts, the boat is restored and soon after, demolished with their car by the film's end.

Swiss Miss&emdash;Released May 20, 1938. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Della Lind, Walter Woolf King, and Charles Gemora. Unable to pay their dinner bill, mousetrap salesmen Laurel and Hardy must stay and work at the Alpen Hotel to pay off their debt. Composer Victor Albert goes to the hotel to create his masterpiece, only to be followed by his wife, Anna, the famous opera singer disguised as the hotel chambermaid, with whom Ollie falls in love. In the end, Anna and Victor have a happy reunion and a gorilla gets its' revenge on the boys after an earlier encounter. Swiss Miss marks the return of Anita Garvin (in a cameo appearance) to a Laurel and Hardy film, after a seven year absence. T. Marvin Hatley wrote the background music (uncredited) for this film.

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Looking Back

85 years ago:

80 years ago:

75 years ago:

70 years ago:

65 years ago:

60 years ago:

55 years ago:

50 years ago:

10 years ago:

Sources for Looking Back are:
Laurel and Hardy-The Magic Behind the Movies, by Randy Skretvedt
The Laurel and Hardy Book-edited by Leonard Maltin
Laurel and Hardy-The British Tours, by A.J. Marriot

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   2  Chuck McCann                  S.O.D. Co-founder
   3  Alan Ladd                     Great Guns
   4  Pete Smith                    A Tree in a Test Tube
   8  Darwood "Waldo" Kaye          Our Gang
  12  Billy Gilbert                 L & H Supporting Actor
  12  Arthur Jefferson              Stan Laurel's Father
  12  Dickie Moore                  Our Gang
  15  Jackie Cooper                 Our Gang
  16  Tommy "Butch" Bond            Our Gang, Block-Heads
  17  Ben Turpin                    Our Wife, Saps at Sea
  18  Robert Blake                  Our Gang
  20  Billy Bletcher                Babes in Toyland
  26  Antonio Moreno                Bohemian Girl
   1  Charles Rogers                A Chump at Oxford
   2  Spanky McFarland              Our Gang
   2  Lois Roberts                  Mrs. Thomas Benton Roberts
   2  LeRoy Shield                  L & H Music Composer
   3  Leo McCarey                   L & H Director
   3  Charles Middleton             Pack Up your Troubles, Flying Deuces, Beau Hunks
   4  Scottie Beckett               Our Gang
   4  Buster Keaton                 The Stolen Jools
   9  Jim MacGeorge                 Stan Laurel Impersonator
  10  Arthur Housman                Scram, Live Ghost
  17  Art Lloyd                     L & H Cameraman
  19  Daphne Pollard                Our Relations, Thicker Than Water
  20  Charley Chase                 On the Wrong Trek, Sons of the Desert
  22  Madge Jefferson               Stan Laurel's Mother
  25  Eugene Gordon "Porky" Lee     Our Gang

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