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September 1996
Volume 29, Number 6


1996 Annual Banquet
Meeting Notice
Price Reduction on ITJ
Last Meeting

Film Program
Looking Back
Did You Know?
Birthdays for September


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1996 Annual Celebrity Banquet

On Sunday, October 27, 1996, the Way Out West Tent will host a barbecue at the Mayflower Club. It all begins at 12:00 noon. On the menu will be chicken and ribs, coleslaw, barbecue beans, cornbread muffins, chocolate cake, and beverages. We'll also be having a raffle, games for those wishing to enter, the handing out of the annual Way Out West Tent awards, and of course films. Celebrities who will be attending (contingent upon their health and scheduling) will be announced in the next newsletter. Films will begin at approximately 2:00 and continue until 5:00. The cost for this full day of fun and eats is $15.00 per person. Western attire, or just casual if you prefer, is the dress code for the day. We hope to see you all there.

For those wishing to come for movies only, $7.50 will be charged for all members and non members. As this is our annual banquet and not a regular meeting, the door charge is not included in your yearly membership. Show time is 2:00 PM.

We are looking for volunteers to help set up tables and chairs and also to put them away. Please arrive at the Mayflower at 10:00 AM. Many thanks for your assistance.

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Meeting Notice

Fall is upon us and that means "back to school." Now is the time to enroll yourself at the next Way Out West tent meeting. We are offering a course with a major in Laurel and Hardy and a minor in Charley Chase. By the end of the evening, you will graduate with the honor of "Magna Cum Silly." Class begins on Tuesday evening, September 17, 1996. The campus is at the Mayflower Club, located at 11110 Victory Boulevard (west of Vineland Avenue) in North Hollywood. Professors Fisher and Fisher will be serving their Famous Fabulous Franks at the L & H commissary, and Dr. Al K. Hall will be counseling those students who want liquid therapy at the Marvelous Mayflower Bar. The campus opens at 6:30 PM and class will begin at 7:30 PM. So, we'll see you on Tuesday evening, September 17, 1996.

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Lower Prices For Intra-Tent Journal

At all of the Way Out West tent meetings, you have probably noticed the Intra-Tent Journal on sale at our sales table. The new price is now only $1.00. For those of you who are not familiar with the ITJ, you are really missing out on quite a publication. Available in quarterly editions, the ITJ is the lifeline to the "Sons" all over the world. In addition to information about the events in other "Sons" tents everywhere, the ITJ has articles on Laurel and Hardy related history, celebrities, locations, and so much more. If you have an interest in collecting L&H items, the classified ad section is a great place to find what you want, or you may advertise your own L&H wares that you may want to sell. For your convenience, the ITJ is also available in a 2 year subscription at $18.00 for 8 issues. The price includes the cost of mailing the ITJ directly to your home. For anyone wishing to subscribe, information will be available at the next meeting.

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Last Meeting

The meeting of July 30, 1996, began with the traditional singing of the Sons of the Desert song. Our good friend, Tony Hawes, delivered the toasts to Stan, Ollie, and the rest of the honorees. The ever faithful Jay Dare (Roach set dresser and Fox costumer for the boys) also was in attendance. This meeting was a first for the W.O.W. tent because it was directed at the solo work of the boys. Rob Stone, author of the new book, Laurel or Hardy - The Solo Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy, introduced the evening's film program and shared some new information about Stan and Ollie's years before their historic teaming. The film line up featured Ollie in the Charley Chase short Isn't Life Terrible? and Babe's only Mack Sennet film, Crazy to Act. Next up was the boys' first film together The Lucky Dog. Then Stan took center stage in Mud & Sand, Mixed Nuts, and Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pride. Special thanks to Rob Stone for bringing the films for us to see and for making the meeting enjoyable for all.

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Film Program

Neighborhood House
Released May 9, 1936. Starring Charley Chase, Rosina Lawrence, and Darla Hood.
This sound remake of Charley's 1929 two-reeler, Movie Night, finds Darla as Charley's daughter, drawing the lucky tickets at their local theatre "Bank Night," with hilarious results. This film was originally planned as a feature, and was later shortened to a two reeler. This turned out to be Charley's final short at the Hal Roach Studios.

They Go Boom
Released September 21, 1929. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Charlie Hall.
Ollie is sick with a terrible cold, and his only help and comfort is Stan. The long night gets longer and Ollie's explosive sneeze brings the film to a "booming" climax.

Busy Bodies
Released October 7, 1933. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charlie Hall, and Tiny Sanford.
Sawmill workers, Laurel and Hardy, spend the day doing more destruction than construction. The day ends as the boys crash on top of a workshed and their car is cut in half.

Block - Heads
Released August 19, 1938. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Minna Gombell, Patricia Ellis, Billy Gilbert, and James Finlayson.
Ollie brings his old war buddy, Stan, home for a home cooked meal. Since guarding the same trench for twenty years after the war's end, Stan is still Stan as Ollie finds out. Ollie's car is wrecked, his apartment blown up, his marriage ruined, and his neighbor winds up taking a rifle to both of them.

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Looking Back

80 years ago
September 1916 - Babe Hardy stars with Billy Ruge in the "Plump and Runt" series for Vim Comedies. This month's releases are Sidetracked, Stranded, Love and Duty and The Reformers .

75 years ago
September 18, 1921 - Oliver "Babe" Hardy plays the hotel manager opposite Larry Semon in The Bellhop .

70 years ago
September 5, 1926 - Hal Roach's latest production, Should Husbands Pay? , finds Stan Laurel as co-writer and co-director on this two reeler.

September 19, 1926 - Charley Chase stars in Bromo and Juliet , with Oliver Hardy as the taxi driver.

65 years ago
September 19, 1931 - The boys latest release at the "Lot of Fun" is Come Clean . Linda Loredo, who appeared in several L & H Spanish films, plays Mrs. Laurel in this short.

September 26, 1931 - Jacqueline Wells (Bohemian Girl ), Del Henderson (Laurel - Hardy Murder Case ), and Eddie Dunn (Me and My Pal ) all appear in Charley Chase's latest release, Skip The Maloo .

60 years ago
September 1936 - Stan and Ollie are just days into shooting of their latest feature. Originally titled Tonight's the Night , it was renamed In the Money by mid-September. It was eventually released as Way Out West .

25 years ago
September 23, 1971 - Billy Gilbert, best remembered as the professor in The Music Box , and the voice of "Sneezy' in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , dies at the age of 78 in Hollywood.

Sources for Looking Back are:
Laurel or Hardy - The Solo Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy by Rob Stone
Laurel and Hardy - The Magic Behind the Movies by Randy Skretvedt
The Charley Chase Filmography by Joe Moore, Robert Farr, Richard Roberts and Steve Rydewsk

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Did You Know?

Walter Agnew was born on May 20th. His year of birth has been listed as 1880, 1883, or 1884. A native of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, he was a prize fighter and a blackface comic in Vaudeville. His film career began in 1930. Some of his more memorable roles were as hoodlum, Sam Vettori, in Little Caesar with Edward G. Robinson, Muspratt in Mutiny on the Bounty with Clark Gable, and as ex-con Buck Cesar in Hell's Kitchen with Ronald Reagan. His other films include The Adventures of Marco Polo with Gary Cooper, 1939's Pack Up your Troubles with the Ritz Brothers, and Lady From Cheyenne with Loretta Young. He was cast for a role in Lady Scarface when he died on April 23, 1941. Laurel and Hardy fans remember him best as the sheriff in Way Out West ...Stanley Fields.

Sources for Did You Know?
Who Was Who on Screen by R. R. Bowker
Hollywood Character Actors by James Robert Parish

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2     Chuck McCann                    S.O.D. Co-founder
3     Alan Ladd                       Great Guns
4     Pete Smith                      A Tree in a Test Tube
4     Mantan Moreland                 A Haunting We Will Go
8     Darwood "Waldo" Kaye            Our Gang
12    Billy Gilbert                   The Music Box
12    Dickie Moore                    Our Gang
15    Jackie Cooper                   Our Gang
16    Tommy "Butch" Bond              Our Gang, Block-Heads
17    Ben Turpin                      Our Wife, Saps at Sea
18    Robert Blake                    Our Gang, The Big Noise
19    Joy Lane                        Our Gang, Babes in Toyland
20    Billy Bletcher                  Babes in Toyland
20    Blanche Payson                  Helpmates
26    Antonio Moreno                  Bohemian Girl
28    Kay Deslys                      Perfect Day

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