Brushwood Gulch Gazette

May-June 1999

Volume 32, Number 3

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Meeting Announcement
Trivia Game at Next Meeting
1999 Way Out West Tent Banquet
Maltin Presents Roach Films on TV
Salute to Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson
Last Meeting
Ellen Corby

Watson Family Star
International Convention: Sea-Tac 2000
Did You Know
Film Program for June 1, 1999
Looking Back
Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society

Meeting Announcement

The Way Out West Tent will be up to their old tricks again on Tuesday evening, June 1, 1999. This date is different than the one printed in the previous newsletters, so be sure to make the change in your date books and on your calendars. As usual, we'll be meeting at the Mayflower Club located at 11110 Victory Blvd. (west of Vineland Avenue) in the city of North Hollywood. On the menu, we'll have a trivia game, a cake to honor the anniversary of Stan Laurel's birth and, of course, a great selection of films. The Fabulous Fisher Franks and the Mayflower Bar will accompany the festivities. We look forward to seeing you on June 1st.

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Trivia Game at the Next Meeting

The Way Out West Tent will be playing a trivia game at the next meeting and everyone in attendance is invited to play. When you arrive, you will be given a sheet of paper with some Laurel & Hardy/Way Out West Tent questions on it. During the course of the evening it will be up to you to answer the questions on the paper. Feel free to talk to the other members and guests to share answers to these questions. When you have finished your test, turn it in to Lori McCaffery, Bob Duncan, or John Duff. All questionnaires with the correct answers will be put into a box and a winner will be drawn after the last film. The winner must be in attendance at the end of the evening at which point a prize will be awarded.

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1999 Way Out West Tent Annual Celebrity Banquet

The final Way Out West Tent banquet for this century will be held October 16th, at a very special location. The Culver Hotel will host this year's event. It is the site of several Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, and many other Hal Roach films. The Culver, built in 1924, has been recently remodeled and looks wonderful. The hotel's previous owners include The Fighting Kentuckian star, John Wayne. As you know, the Culver Hotel can be seen in such L&H films as Leave 'Em Laughing, Putting Pants on Philip, and We Faw Down. Charley Chase circled the hotel in his automobile several times in his hilarious two-reeler, Limousine Love. The banquet will honor the Culver Hotel's 75th anniversary and will be a buffet style dinner featuring meat, chicken, and fish entrees with vegetables and other accompaniments. We will have celebrities (to be announced), films, a raffle and more. The cost for the evening will be $40 for members and $45 for non-members. The dress is dressy/casual. The cocktail hour will begin at 6:30PM and dinner will begin at 7:30PM. One important note, however...the Culver Hotel cannot seat as many people as our previous banquets, so the number of reservations will be limited. Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis; once the banquet is sold out, no more reservations can be taken. So, please, get your reservations in early if you want to attend this year's banquet. It promises to be a night to remember.

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Leonard Maltin Presents Hal Roach Films on Cable Television

After a long absence from regular programing, the films of Laurel and Hardy are returning to television in a new program hosted by Leonard Maltin. The show, titled Leonard Maltin Presents, appears weekdays on the Odyssey Cable Network. The 90-minute program starts at 1:00PM Pacific and 4:00PM Eastern, repeating nightly at at 9:00PM Pacific and Midnight Eastern time. The films, which are introduced by Mr. Maltin, include those of Laurel and Hardy--as well as others from the Hal Roach Studios. Odyssey is not offered by all cable systems, and some providers only carry the channel for certain hours each day; check your local listings to see if and when the channel is offered in your area. If it isn't available, we're afraid you'll have to move.

Jack and Cathy Taylor of the Seattle Beau Hunks Tent also point out: " For those taping the second showing of Leonard Maltin Presents keep your VCRs running. The late showing is followed by The Public Defender, a 1954/55 Hal Roach television show starring Reed Hadley (Racket Squad) as attorney Bart Matthews. (The Public Defender is shown daily at 10:30pm Pacific, 1:30am Eastern)."

And don't forget, you can find L&H television listings at

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Salute To Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson

On Sunday, April 18, 1999, the Way Out West Tent hosted an afternoon in honor of Eugene Jackson. Eugene, who played Pineapple in the Our Gang comedies, was on hand with his wife, Sue and their son, Eugene Jackson III. The program began with Bob Duncan introducing the first film of the day, Our Gang's The Mysterious Mystery, featuring Pineapple and the rest of the gang as detectives. This was followed by an interview with Eugene and his wife. Eugene shared his memories of the days at the Hal Roach Studios, his work with Mary Pickford, on the road with The Jackson Trio and his work in television. Sue reminisced about how she and Eugene met and married and how proud they are of their children. During the breaks, Eugene was autographing copies of his book, Eugene Pineapple Jackson - His Own Story. Soon after, Bob Duncan returned to introduce the next film, Our Gang's The Love Bug with Pineapple. Our feature for the finale was Robert Youngson's When Comedy Was King. A special thank you to author Richard Bann for bringing his print of The Mysterious Mystery for us to view. Also, we at the WOW tent want to thank Eugene, Sue and Eugene III for making this afternoon a pleasant one for all who attended.

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Last Meeting

The meeting of March 30, 1999, began with Bob Duncan introducing the first film of the evening, which was a Warner Brothers cartoon entitled, Hollywood Steps Out, featuring many of the Hollywood celebrities of the 1930s and 1940s (including Oliver Hardy). This was followed by the opening credits from an episode of The Adventures of Captain Marvel, introducing our special guest for the evening, Billy Benedict. Many thanks to Dave Griem for bringing the Captain Marvel film. Next, Bob Satterfield conducted an interview with Billy Benedict. The talk included a slide show featuring many photographs from Billy's career. He has worked with such stars as Bob Hope, Edward Everett Horton, The Bowery Boys, Rosina Lawrence, and Laurel and Hardy. Billy had very kind words for the boys, referring to them as "real gentlemen." A question and answer session with the audience followed. After the interview, Billy was photographed with a special cake in honor of his upcoming birthday. Up next was a book raffle that produced some very happy winners. Bob Duncan introduced our next two films, Berth Marks, and our feature for the evening, Great Guns. We also said farewell to our two faithful projectionists, Scott James and Mike Rogers, as this was their last meeting to thread up the film. We at the WOW tent want to tip our derbies to these two men for the many years of loyal service to the tent.

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Ellen Corby

On April 14, 1999, actress Ellen Corby passed away at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital. She was best remembered as Grandma Esther Walton on the television series, The Waltons. Laurel and Hardy fans knew her as the script girl from her days at the Hal Roach Studios. Ironically, she would play the part of a script girl in the 1968 film, The Legend of Lylah Clare. She received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Aunt Trina in the film, I Remember Mama. Her many film credits include: It's a Wonderful Life with James Stewart; Mighty Joe Young; Shane; Vertigo; Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte; and The Glass Bottom Boat. Her many television appearances include I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, and The Addams Family. In 1995, the Way Out West Tent presented her with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual banquet, held that year at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Born on June 13, 1914, in Racine, Wisconsin, Ellen Corby was 84 years old at the time of her death.

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Watson Family Star

On April 22, the Watson family received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Billy, Bobs, Coy, Delmar, Garry, Harry, & Louise Watson were all child actors in Hollywood's early days. Bobs and Delmar are longtime honorary members of the Way Out West Tent, having both appeared in Our Gang Comedies. Over the years they have attended many of our meetings and banquets. We congratulate all of the Watsons for this notable achievement. The star is located at 6674 Hollywood Boulevard.

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12th International Convention: Sea-Tac 2000

The 12th International Convention will be held July 20 - 23, 2000 in Tacoma, Washington. You can get an official registration form and other information by visiting the "Sea-Tac 2000" web site at

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Did You Know?

He was born Dennis Pratt on November 2, 1897, in Warwickshire, Coventry, England. He became a call boy at the age of 14 to begin his stage career. By the time he was 19, he had made his first stage appearance. He had achieved success in both London and New York by the mid-1920's as a dramatic actor in Shakespearean and other classic roles as well a being a baritone in many stage operettas. He also appeared in several Broadway shows performing in both dramatic and musical roles. His film roles are few, such as, Monsieur Beaucaire, where he made his film debut, The Vagabond King, and Between Two Worlds. In 1953, he became an American citizen. His final film was in 1969, entitled Some Kind of a Nut. He died on May 21, 1971 in New York City at the age of 73. Laurel and Hardy fans remember him best as Fra Diavolo in their 1933 production of The Devil's Brother...Dennis King.

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Film Program for June 1, 1999

Bad Boy

Released April 12, 1925. Starring Charley Chase, Martha Sleeper, Evelyn Burns, Horace Kirkland, Noah Young, Eddie Borden, Leo Willis, and Olive Borden. Charley, known as Jimmy Jump in this two-reeler, is in the middle of a parental conflict. His father wants him to be a real man, but his loving mother seems to undo the father's work. When his girl friend leaves him, Charley goes to a rather tough dance hall to impress his girl as a rough guy.

County Hospital

Released June 25, 1932. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Billy Gilbert, William Austin, and May Wallace. Stan goes to visit Ollie in the hospital. Soon after, Ollie's broken leg is not his only concern. He is evicted from the hospital and has to ride home with a recently sedated Stan at the wheel of the car.

The Fixer Uppers

Released February 9, 1935. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Charles Middleton, Arthur Housman, and Noah Young. Christmas card salesmen, Laurel and Hardy are going door to door trying to make a sale. On one of their stops, they meet a neglected wife who offers Ollie $50 to make her husband jealous. The plan backfires when the husband winds up challenging Ollie to a midnight duel.

Our Relations

Released October 30, 1936. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Daphne Pollard, Betty Healy, James Finlayson, Alan Hale, Sidney Toler, Iris Adrian, Lona Andre, and Arthur Housman. Bert and Alf are sailors on shore leave, in the same town that Stan and Ollie live. Unbeknownst to any of them, Aft and Bert are Stan and Ollie's identical twin brothers. When the sailors get a hold of their captain's valuable ring, a couple of robbers come after the boys. Unfortunately, they are after the wrong pair.

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Looking Back

85 Years Ago

80 Years Ago

75 Years Ago

70 Years Ago

65 Years Ago

60 Years Ago


Sources for Looking Back:
Laurel or Hardy - The Solo Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy, by Rob Stone
Laurel and Hardy - The Magic Behind the Movies, by Randy Skretvedt
Smile When the Raindrops Fall, by Brian Anthony and Andy Edmonds

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    4    Edgar Dearing                   Two Tars
    5    June Lang                       Bonnie Scotland
    5    Harry Woods                     Block-Heads
    8    Sam Lufkin                      Sons of the Desert, Saps at Sea
   10    Johnny Arthur                   Our Gang, Pick a Star
   11    Douglas Fowley                  The Big Noise
   11    Peggy Lynch (Margaret Kerry)    Our Gang
   11    Doodles Weaver                  Swiss Miss
   12    Lionel Bellmore                 Bonnie Scotland
   18    Frank Capra                     Our Gang writer
   20    Patricia Ellis                  Block-Heads
   20    Vivien Oakland                  Way Out West, Scram!
   20    Stanley Fields                  Way Out West
   20    Edith Fellows                   The Devil's Brother, Our Gang
   21    Ralph Sanford                   The Bullfighters
   23    Max Davidson                    The Call of the Cuckoos
   26    Dorothy Christy                 Sons of the Desert
   28    Minna Gombell                   Block-Heads
   29    Iris Adrian                     Our Relations
   30    Virginia Karns                  Babes in Toyland
   30    Stepin Fetchit                  Zenobia
    3    Paulette Goddard                Berth Marks
    8    Henry Brandon                   Babes in Toyland
    8    Sheila Ryan                     A Haunting We Will Go, Great Guns
    8    Dorothy Coburn                  The Finishing Touch
    8    Mary Carr                       One Good Turn
    9    Bob Cummings                    Sons of the Desert
   10    Hattie McDaniel                 Zenobia
   10    William Seiter                  Sons of the Desert director
   12    William Austin                  County Hospital
   13    Ralph Edwards                   This is Your Life
   13    Ellen Corby                     Script Girl at Hal Roach Studios
   15    Harry Langdon                   Zenobia
   16    Stan Laurel
   17    Flora Finch                     Way Out West
   18    Mae Busch                       L&H supporting player
   24    Martha Sleeper                  The Chimp

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Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society

The Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society, through the efforts of E.C.A.S. and Way Out West Tent member Dave Greim, has arranged to have four screenings of Eddie Cantor's 1930 early Technicolor classic, Whoopee! played at the Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo on the weekend of May 28th through May 30th. The Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society will also hold their Second Annual Southern California Convention on the weekend of July 16-18th. To find out more about these events or if you are interested in vending at the convention, please contact the E.C.A.S. president, Michelle Malik. Her phone number is (818) 907-8895 and e-mail Address:

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