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Annual Celebrity Banquet

On Saturday evening, October 16, 1999, the Way Out West Tent held its annual banquet at the historic Culver Hotel in downtown Culver City. This building, celebrating its 75th anniversary, has had quite a history, which includes many motion picture moments in front of the camera for several Hal Roach Studios films. The evening began with a buffet dinner. After dinner the banquet room was converted to a theater setting. The program began with the traditional singing of the Sons of the Desert song, led by the Way Out West Tent board members. This was followed by the toasts to Stan, Ollie and company conducted creatively by Bob Duncan. Lori McCaffery made some introductions of guests and friends who made the trip to the Culver Hotel for the evening. Jack Taylor, Grand Sheik of the Beau Hunks Tent in Seattle, Washington and chairman of the upcoming Sea-Tac 2000 convention, gave us all a preview of what to look forward to next year. Next up, Rick Greene and Earl Kress performed a very funny sketch, as Rick interviewed Melvin Fudge, played by Earl, the world's oldest and most confused elevator operator at the Culver Hotel. Jimmy Wiley and John Duff introduced our celebrity guests for the banquet. In attendance were, Anita Page (Hollywood Revue of 1929), Dorothy DeBorba (Our Gang), Harold "Bouncy" Wertz (Our Gang), June Chase (Charley's daughter), Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (Our Gang), Jay Dare (L&H costumer at 20th Century Fox), Glenn and Mark Kennedy (grandsons of Edgar Kennedy) and Alice Jackson (longtime companion to L&H composer T. Marvin Hatley).

Celebrities attending this years's banquet.
(L-R, Back Row) Glenn Kennedy, Jay Dare, Harold "Bouncy" Wertz, Bevis Faversham. (L-R, Front Row) Mark Kennedy, Dorothy "Echo" DeBorba, June Chase, Anita Page and Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson.

Lori McCaffery was back to present the Way Out West Tent awards to Bob Duncan (Why Don't You Do Something To Help Me?), Bevis Faversham (The Good Egg), Anita Page (Honolulu Baby) and Jack Taylor (Furthest Traveled). The raffles took place next, where many happy people won the very creative table centerpieces and other assorted L&H related prizes. The evening wrapped up with a screening of three films, all of which had scenes shot right outside in front of the Culver Hotel. Limousine Love starring Charley Chase, Putting Pants on Philip and Leave 'Em Laughing starring Laurel and Hardy headlined the marquis.

Recreating a scene from Limousine Love.
(L-R) June Chase, Richard Bann, Rick Greene, Bob Duncan, John Duff, Jim Wiley III, Jim Wiley Jr., Bob Satterfield.

Special thanks to Lori and Colin McCaffery, Kris Wiley and Jimmy Wiley III for their creative efforts in making the one of a kind (actually 15 of them) centerpieces, again to Jimmy Wiley III for designing the banquet program, to Al Bender for donating the funds to make the centerpieces, to Bart Williams for bringing Stan Laurel's 1947 Chrysler for us to see in the parking lot and to all of our celebrities, friends and guests who helped to make this evening a night to remember.

Site of the Hal Roach Studios.
Our Gang Members Dorothy "Echo" DeBorba and Harold "Bouncy" Wertz.


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