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Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 4:00 PM

The Niles/EssanaySilent Film Theater & Museum

37417 Niles Boulevard, Fremont CA

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While we will be having an informal "Mother's Day" L&H & Our Gang program in Niles on May 9th (see below), we are looking to hold our second, quarterly meeting in Sacramento in the afternoon prior to our Tent's sponsoring the "THEM THAR HILLS BANQUET" during the 2010 Convention. We hope that our members who are at the conference as well as those that can only come for the day can come to enjoy the evening and/or see some of the convention 'up close & personal' and meet with their Tent members for a tour of the Convention and a Tent activity update. Recent ITJs will be available for pickup as well. Of course, helping fellow Sons with the Banquet set-up wouldn't be turned-down either! This meeting will be held: Thursday, June 17 at 5 PM in the Them Thar Hills Banquet Room.

Themed Convention Banquets 17 & 19 June

Midnight Patrol Banquet Theme: Them Thar Hills 17 June @ 7PM (Tent meeting there @5PM) Attire: Hillbilly Formal or Casual- wear watcha' wantwho gives a gol'dern1? Hollywood Victory Caravan Banquet w/Orchestra 19 June @7PM Attire: Costumes/1940's as appropriate. To obtain further Info on the Convention, or sign-up for the fun, go to:

Looking For A Great Way To Spend Mother's Day???

Look no further than the Historical District of Niles and it's Equally Historic Theater!

  • Take a peaceful, pleasant stroll along the same streets that Charlie Chaplin and other great silent film stars trod.
  • Peruse the plethora of pretty shops and unique antique stores that dot the district.
  • Take a relaxing and picturesque ride up Niles Canyon on a restored vintage train
  • Enjoy a leisurely meal at any of the districts many eateries, either before or after checking-out the Silent Film Museum and enjoying a great film program of "L&H" and "Our Gang" at The Edison Theater. & Moms will get a special gift at the show!!

The Grand Sheik Speaks (or writes, anyway)!

Greetings All!

Well, the International Convention is imminent and (almost) right around the corner from us! Whether you are able to come for "The Whole Enchilada", or just a day and one of the evening banquets (hopefully the Them Thar Hills Banquet, at least!) I know you will have a grand time! The date for the reduced rate for attendance has been extended to 10 May. Those desiring to go may do so if they act soon. As Babe said in the film: 'You took an Oath!' ;-)

And WottaWonderful turn-out for our first meeting of 2010! As always, Fellow Son Paul Mular and the Edison Theater in Niles collaborated to present a wonderful program which was highlighted by the L&H classic, "Men o' War' followed by the Our Gang guffaw "Schools Out". An INCDREDIBLE amount of drawing items were awarded by both the Theater and our Tent, and the many winners were a happy bunch! Many thanks to our Grand Peddler Duon Zeroun and her worthy minion, Past Grand Sheik Bob, as well as the one & only Rena Dein of the Niles Silent Film Museum/Edison Theater for their making the drawing so much fun! The rest of the film program was a hoot!

Wizened & Wonderful Actor Jeffery Weissman Wows Wild Crowd With Witty Weminicences

Our April program and date was changed to afford members the opportunity to meet professional Stage, Screen and TV actor, consummate physical comedian and fellow Son Jeffery Weissman, who presented some great personal films and shared some of his many humorous personal and professional experiences in the entertainment field, prior to showing his locallyproduced (and screened at Cannes) 'Mockumentary' "Corked" - a clever, funny and fascinating tongue-incheek (or glass) look at California winemaking. It was a great evening (which included some winetasting), with a most generous, gregarious and great actor, and a stalwart Son of the Desert whose heartfelt performances as "Stan" are legendary , along with his "Chaplin", Groucho and others.


Laurel & Hardily Yours; David J. Allard, Grand Sheik- Midnight Patrol

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Our next meeting will be May 9, 2010.


Tent History

The Midnight Patrol Tent celebrates Laurel and Hardy as Police Officers. Our tent was founded in 1984 by three cops and two Dixieland Jazz Musicians, who all shared the common bond of loving Laurel and Hardy films. At our first organizational meeting, a decision had to be made of which title of an L&H film would we use for our tent title. The musicians wanted "Jitterbugs," the cops wanted "The Midnight Patrol." It went to a vote, and the cops won 3 to 2. Besides, they had guns!

Our first meeting was in Monterey in 1984. We have hosted meetings since in Carmel, Seaside, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, and for the last 5 years in San Jose, California. Our tent has hosted many banquets over the years in which we have welcomed:

  • Lois Laurel Hawes (Stan's Daughter)
  • Tony Hawes (Stan's Son-in-Law)
  • Henry Brandon (Barnaby from "Babes in Toyland")
  • Tommy "Butch" Bond (from Our Gang/Little Rascals and the Football brat from "Block-Heads")
  • Dorothy DeBorba (from Our Gang/Little Rascals)
  • Jacquie Lyn Woll (the little girl from "Pack Up Your Troubles")
  • Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (from Our Gang/Little Rascals)
  • Eleanor Keaton (Buster Keaton's widow)
  • Ron Fields (W.C. Fields' grandson)
  • Colleen Deach (Edgar Kennedy's daughter)
  • Anthony Caruso (from "Jitterbugs")
  • Phyllis Coates (TV's first Lois Lane)
  • Virginia O'Brien (dead-pan singer from MGM musicals)
  • Aldo Ray (revered screen actor)

By virtue of our tent title, we established notoriety among other tents. We flourished with the cop theme in conventions and banquets offering us the opportunity to satirize the ultimate authority figure.

Edgar Kennedy

Edgar Kennedy was born in Monterey County in 1890. A comedian in his own right, he supported Laurel and Hardy in 10 of the duos films, frequently as a cop. The "Master of the Slow Burn" got his start in movies for Mack Sennett and was cast as one of the original "Keystone Kops."

In 1997, the Midnight Patrol celebrated the life and career of Edgar "Laurel and Hardy style" by hosting the first ever "Edgar Kennedy Celebration" in Monterey. Over 200 Sons of the Desert representing five different countries were in attendance. Highlights of this three day event include an Edgar Kennedy family reunion, hosted by Edgar's daughter Colleen Deach; a Laurel & Hardy softball game (skinniest vs. the portliest); a vaudeville talent night; a "Pair of Tights" ice cream catching contest; and Edgar vs. Ollie "gouty foot" relay contest; and a radio reenactment of an original radio broadcast that featured L&H with Edgar Kennedy.

Information for first time attendees

The Midnight Patrol Tent is the San Jose/Monterey chapter of the Sons of the Desert - the international Laurel & Hardy organization.

You may contact Grand Sheik Dave Allard by email at:

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PO Box 2309, King City, CA 93930

(831) 710-0836

We hope to see you at an upcoming Midnight Patrol Tent meeting.

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