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The Way Out West Tent is offering several DVDs produced by members of our tent. All DVDs are burned on high quality DVD-R media and are shipped in full size DVD cases with inserts and direct-printed labels. These DVDs do not contain Laurel & Hardy films. If you are looking for a collection of Laurel & Hardy films, we recommend the Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection available on

All DVDs are NTSC with no region encoding.

Music Box Steps Documentary & Way Out West Banquet DVD - $14

The main program on this DVD is a 20 minute documentary on the Music Box Steps. The documentary covers the origins of the use of the stairs in various films, finding the location of the steps, and a detailed then and now comparison of the entire flight of stairs. This documentary was produced for our 2002 annual banquet, which took place near the Music Box steps. It has been shown on many Laurel & Hardy location bus tours, including the recent Laurel and Hardywood Convention.

As a bonus, we have included approximately one hour of video from the Way Out West Tent 2002 annual banquet. Guests that appeared and spoke on camera were: Terry Moore (A-Haunting We Will Go), Trudy Marshall (The Dancing Masters), Edith Fellows (Our Gang, The Devil's Brother), Dorothy de Borba (Our Gang, The Stolen Jools, The Devil's Brother), Joan Del Mar (Nothing But Trouble), Jim MacGeorge (Stan Laurel Impersonator/Founding member of the Way Out West Tent), Mildred Kornman (Our Gang), and Billy Naylor (Our Gang). John Ratzenberger joined us as part of the Sons of the Desert Pipes and Drums marching band, and Leave it to Beaver's Frank Bank & Ken Osmond also shared some of their memories of Laurel & Hardy.

The total running time of this DVD is about one and a half hours.

106 Films and Sons of the Desert Celebrity Documenary DVD - $14

This DVD begins with a short video featuring clips from all 106 Laurel & Hardy films in a little over 2 minutes. It first premiered at the 2004 International Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

The main program on this DVD is a documentary featuring all celebrity guests who attended Sons of the Desert International Conventions between 1978-2002. The people featured on this video worked with Laurel & Hardy and/or at the Hal Roach Studios. It was produced for the 2004 International Convention in Columbus, Ohio. There are 53 celebrities featured and it runs about 40 minutes long.

Those featured are: Lois Laurel Hawes, Lucille Hardy Price, T. Marvin Hatley, Harvey Wasden, Fred Knoth, Roy Seawright, Bob Overbeck, Thomas Benton Roberts, "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison, "Pineapple" Jackson, Jack Davis, Peggy Ahern, Mildred Kornman, Jay R. Smith, Peggy Cartwright, Joe Cobb, Vivian Blaine, Eddie Quillan, Vera Ralston, Lou Breslow, Joe Rock, Diosa Costello, Trudy Marshall, "Porky" Lee, Sid Kibrick, Leonard Landy, Pat Bell, Marvin Strin, Delmar Watson, Shirley Jean Rickert, "Buckwheat" Thomas, Murial Evans, Virginia Karns, Rolfe Sedan, Anthony Caruso, Nolan Leary, Venice Lloyd, Dorothy Granger, Darla Hood, "Butch" Bond, Edith fellows, Jacquie Lyn, Jerry Tucker, Jean Darling, "Spanky" McFarland, Dorothy de Borba, William Janey, Della Lind, Felix Knight, Anita Garvin, Henry Brandon, Rosina Lawrence McCabe, and Hal Roach.

Also included on this DVD is the 2004 Way Out West Tent Banquet, which includes portions of the above convention video (highlighting only those celebrities who were members of the Way Out West Tent). The banquet video runs about one hour fifteen minutes, and features live appearances by Jay Dare, Mark Kennedy, Patsy Barry, Joy Lane, Delmar Watson, Tommy "Butch" Bond, Peggy & Lassie Lou Ahern, Bud MacDonald, Dick Jones, Mildred Kornman, Edith Fellows, and Marjorie Campbell.

The total running time of this DVD is about two hours.

Way Out West Tent 40th Anniversary DVD - $14

This DVD was produced in 2007 for our tent's 40th Anniversary. It features the history of our first forty years, as told by all eight of our tent's Grand Sheiks. The sheiks discuss the founding of the tent, the publication of Pratfall, the Hollywood 80 Convention, discovering and touring Laurel & Hardy locations, celebrity members of the tent, and other memories. The documentary incorporates rare film, video and photos from the collections of the Grand Sheiks.

The total running time of this DVD is about 45 minutes.

Postage Rates

Postage in the United States is $4.50 for 1 DVD, $6.00 for 2, and $7.50 for 3. Postage to Canada is $12 for 1 DVD, $15 for 2, and $18 for 3. Postage to the United Kingtom is $15 for 1 DVD, $19 for 2, and $24 for 3. Postage to elsewhere in the world is $18 for 1 DVD, $22 for 2, and $26 for 3.