April 12, 1950 - Oliver Hardy appears in Riding High without Stan.
1951 - Roach releases L&H films to television.
November 12, 1951 - Atoll K is released in Europe. This was to be the
teams' last film together.
February 19, 1952 - Sam Lufkin, who appeared in 39 L&H comedies
dies at the age of 59.
February 25, 1952 - Laurel and Hardy begin their second British tour, with
the sketch "A Spot of Trouble."
July 5, 1952 - Tough guy Walter Long, who worked with the boys in
Pardon Us and Going Bye-Bye, passes away in Los Angeles, California.
September 29, 1952 - The second British tour ends.
October 9, 1953 - James Finlayson, a veteran of 33 comedies with the boys,
dies of a heart attack in Hollywood, California, at the age of 66.
October 11, 1953 - Laurel and Hardy go on the third and final British tour,
with the sketch "Birds of a Feather."
November 30, 1953 - John McCabe meets Stan & Babe while they tour
May 18, 1954 - Oliver Hardy has a mild heart attack while on tour in England.
The tour ends.
May 30, 1954 - The Laurels and the Hardys leave England for the last time,
bound for Los Angeles.
December 1, 1954 - Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are featured on television's
This is Your Life.
December 1954 - Atoll K is released in the United States under the title Utopia.
October 9, 1955 - The BBC program "This is Music Hall" presents a recorded
sequence with the boys sending their best from America.
September 15, 1956 - Oliver Hardy suffers a massive stroke.
August 7, 1957 - Oliver Hardy passes away in North Hollywood, California,
at the age of 65.
August 1, 1958 - Vivien Oakland, best remembered as the judge's wife in
Scram and the sheriff's wife in Way Out West, dies in Hollywood, California.
January 21, 1959 - Our Gang's Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer is shot to death in an
argument with his ex-partner over $50.
December 7, 1959 - Charlie Hall, the little tough guy who appeared in 47
films with the boys, dies in Hollywood at the age of 60.


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