September 23, 1971 - Billy Gilbert, best remembered as Professor Theodore
vonSchwarzenhoffen in The Music Box , dies at the age of 78.
March 28, 1975 - Director George Stevens, who was the cameraman on
Sugar Daddies, Putting Pants on Philip, and The Battle of the Century, dies in
Lancaster, California.
February 22, 1978 - Daphne Pollard, the short but powerful Mrs. Hardy
in Thicker Than Water and Our Relations, passes away in Los Angeles.
August 2, 1978 - Chicago's Bacon Grabbers tent holds the Sons of the
Desert first International Convention. Among the celebrities attending: Ben and
Lucille Hardy Price, Lois Laurel, Anita Garvin Stanley, Della Lind, Rosina
Lawrence, and Darla Hood.


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