February 1990 - British postage stamp features Stan Laurel's smile.
February 15, 1990 - Henry Branden, the Evil Silas Barnaby in Laurel and
Hardy's Babes in Toyland, passes away in Hollywood, California, at the age
of 77.
July 12-15, 1990 - The Seventh International Convention of the Sons of
the Desert is held in Clearwater, Florida by the Boobs in the Woods tent.
August 29, 1991 - American postage stamp featuring the boys, as drawn by
caricaturist Al Hirshfeld.
January 14, 1992 - Hal Roach celebrates his 100th birthday at the old
MGM Studios in Culver City.
July 12-16, 1992 - The Eighth International Convention of the Sons of the
Desert is held in Las Vegas, Nevada by the Jitterbugs tent.
November 2, 1992 - Hal Roach passes away at the age of 100
July 7, 1994 - Anita Garvin, remembered as Mrs. Culpepper in
From Soup to Nuts, and many other L&H and Hal Roach comedies,
dies in Woodland Hills, California.
July 13-17, 1994 - The founding tent of the Sons of the Desert holds the
Ninth International Convention in Terrytown, New York.
January 4, 1995 - Dorothy Granger, best remembered as "Tillie" in Laurel
and Hardy's Hog Wild, passes away.
December 9, 1995 -Vivian Blaine of Jitterbugs fame passes away in New
July 15-19, 1996 - The Laurel & Hardy Cruise is the 10th International
Convention of the Sons of the Desert. It was sponsored by the Tree in a Test
Tube tent of Illinois.
June 23, 1997 - Rosina Lawrence passes away. In addition to her role as
Mary Roberts in Way Out West, she also appeared as one of the school
teachers in the Our Gang series.
July 17-21, 1998 - The Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham, England,
hosts the 11th International Sons of the Desert Convention. Stan Laurel's
birthplace is visited.
August 23, 1998 - Norma Drew, best remembered as Mrs. Laurel in Laurel
and Hardy's Chickens Come Home, passes away.
June 11, 1999 - Swiss Miss star Della Lind passes away in Key West,


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