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July-August 1999

Volume 32, Number 4

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Next Meeting
1999 Way Out West Tent Banquet
Music Box Steps Day
Della Lind
Bobs Watson
Last Meeting

International Convention: Sea-Tac 2000
Did You Know
Film Program for August 3, 1999
Looking Back

Next Meeting

On Tuesday evening, August 3, 1999, the Way Out West Tent will be at it again with fun and films at the next meeting. A special film program, as well as updates about our annual banquet, will round out the evening. As always, the festivities will take place at the Mayflower Club located at 11110 Victory Blvd. (west of Vineland Avenue) in North Hollywood. The Famous Fabulous Fisher Franks will be flying over the counter and the Marvelous Mayflower Bar will be complimenting the Fisher Franks. The doors will open at 6:30 PM and the meeting will begin at 7:15 PM. We will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening, August 3, 1999.

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1999 Way Out West Tent Annual Celebrity Banquet

Plans for this year's annual banquet have been announced and space is filling up fast! Our 32nd Anniversary Banquet will take place October 16 at the newly restored Culver Hotel, in downtown Culver City. This historic building was seen in many Hal Roach films, including Putting Pants on Philip, Leave 'Em Laughing, We Faw Down, and Limousine Love. At one time, it was even owned by The Fighting Kentuckian star, John Wayne. Celebrity guests will be announced in the next newsletter. The banquet will commemorate the hotel's 75th anniversary, with a buffet style dinner featuring meat, chicken, and fish entreesÉalong with vegetables and other accompaniments. The cost for the evening will be $40 for members and $45 for non-members. The cocktail hour will begin at 6:30PM and dinner will begin at 7:30PM. Please note: the Culver Hotel cannot seat as many people as many of our previous banquets, so the number of reservations will be limited on a first come first serve basis; once sold out, no more reservations will be taken. So please return your reservations early if you want to attend this year's banquet. It promises to be a night to remember.

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Music Box Steps Day

On Sunday afternoon, August 8, 1999, the Silver Lake Improvement Association will be celebrating its' 10th anniversary and also their 5th anniversary of the Music Box Steps Day. The event will host an afternoon of fun, food, films and other surprises. The Way Out West Tent will be represented at the event as well. A tent will be set up across the street from the historical steps in the small park. The Laurel and Hardy Academy Award winning short, The Music Box, will be among the films to be shown. The steps are located at 739 Vendome Avenue at the corner of Del Monte Drive, just off of Sunset Blvd. in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. The event will take place from 12:00 noon to 3:00PM.

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Della Lind

Della Lind passed away on June 11, 1999 in Key West, Florida, where she resided since 1994. Della was a Viennese musical comedy star who was brought to Hollywood by Paramount Studios. In 1938, she stared with Walter Woolf King and the Boys in the Hal Roach Feature, Swiss Miss. She was a long time member of the Way Out West Tent, last attending our 25th Anniversary banquet in 1992. Over the years, she was a frequent guest of our tent. She is interred in Southern California.

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Bobs Watson

On June 27, 1999, Bobs Watson passed away in Laguna Beach, California. Bobs, perhaps best known as Pee Wee in Boys Town, was in Our Gang comedies along with his brother Delmar. Bobs attended many Way Out West Tent meetings and banquets. A fine gentleman, acting until 1966 when he became a minister with the United Methodist Church. In April, his family was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Last Meeting

The meeting of June 1, 1999 began with Bob Duncan introducing our first film of the evening, Charley Chase's Bad Boy. Vice-Sheik Jimmy Wiley then led the Way Out West Tent chorus in the Sons of the Desert song followed by the traditional toasts to the boys and the Hal Roach supporting players. Bob Duncan was back to introduce the next film and also bring us up to date on the trivia contest that was taking place throughout the evening. Members and guests were given questionnaires as they arrived and were asked to fill them out and turn them in. People were allowed to mingle and share their answers with each other. During the course of the evening, clues were dropped during the toasts and film introductions. By the end of the evening, Melanie Thompson was the only entry with all of the right answers. As her prize, she was awarded a copy of Scott MacGillivray's book, Laurel and Hardy - From the Forties Forward. Earlier, our film program continued with Stan and Ollie starring in County Hospital and The Fixer Uppers. At the break, we celebrated the 109th anniversary of Stan Laurel's birth with two birthday cakes. The evening concluded with Stan and Ollie and Alf and Bert mixing things up in one of their classic features, Our Relations.

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New Laurel & Hardy DVD

"The Lost Films of L&H, Volume 3" is now available on DVD. The disc contains Laurel and Hardy in Liberty, We Faw Down, The Lucky Dog, and Love 'Em and Weep, as well as the Oliver Hardy solo film Along Came Auntie and the Charley Chase film Bromo and Juliet.

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12th International Convention: Sea-Tac 2000

The 12th International Convention will be held July 20 - 23, 2000 in Tacoma, Washington. You can get an official registration form and other information by visiting the "Sea-Tac 2000" web site at

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Did You Know?

He was born David Thoyson on January 17, 1864 in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the early 1900's, he performed on Broadway and appeared in several motion pictures before the beginning of World War I. He was a cattle rancher in New Mexico, bringing him many unfortunate experiences. In the 1920's his film career took off. Usually playing domineering and menacing roles, his film credits include Queen Christina with Greta Garbo, Mutiny on the Bounty with Charles Laughton, Frank Capra's Lost Horizon and Captain Blood with Errol Flynn. In 1939, he made his final two films; Rulers of the Sea and Stanley and Livingstone. His brother was actor Ernest Torrence (Thoyson). He died on December 26, 1951 at the age of 87. Laurel and Hardy fans remember him best as Mr. Miggs, the attorney in the 1935 feature, Bonnie Scotland...David Torrence.

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Film Program for August 3, 1999

With Love and Hisses

Released August 28, 1927. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin, and Frank Brownlee. A not too bright private Stan runs up against a very angry sergeant Ollie. Add an even more unpleasant captain Finlayson and you have the makings of a lot of exasperation and hilarity.

A Day at the Studio

Released May 21, 1937 as Pick a Star. This abbreviated version stars Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Walter Long, and Patsy Kelly. We see the boys as Mexican banditos in one scene and a funny harmonica sequence in another.

Our Wife

Released May 16, 1931. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Babe London, James Finlayson, Ben Turpin, and Blanche Payson. Ollie and Dulcie's best-laid plans for a quiet elopement are ruined thanks to Stan's assistance.

The Flying Deuces

Released October 20, 1939. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker, Reginald Gardiner, Charles Middleton, and James Finlayson. Ollie is ready to drown himself after falling in love with a married woman and being rejected. Ollie's attempt at suicide, (of course Stan must go with him), is foiled by the married woman's husband as he suggests they join the Foreign Legion. Their stint as soldiers is unsuccessful and they are arrested for desertion.

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Looking Back

85 Years Ago

75 Years Ago

70 Years Ago

65 Years Ago

60 Years Ago

55 Years Ago

30 Years Ago

10 Years Ago

5 Years Ago

Sources for Looking Back:
Laurel or Hardy - The Solo Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy, by Rob Stone
Laurel and Hardy - The Magic Behind the Movies, by Randy Skretvedt
Laurel & Hardy&emdash;From the Forties Forward, by Scott MacGillivray
The Little Rascals&emdash;The Life and Times of Our Gang, by Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann
Smile When the Raindrops Fall, by Brian Anthony and Andy Edmonds

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    2   Rychard Cramer              Scram, Saps at Sea
    2   Sidney "Woim" Kibrick       Our Gang
    4   Henry Armetta               The Devil's Brother
    5   John Elliott                Sons of the Desert
    5   Del Henderson               Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
    5   Billy "Froggy" Laughlin     Our Gang
   12   Alice Cooke                 Stan Jefferson Trio
   14   Donald Meek                 Air Raid Wardens
   15   Tom Kennedy                 Pack Up Your Troubles
   18   Bill Patterson              W.O.W. Founding Grand Sheik
   18   Lupe Velez                  Hollywood Party
   18   Chill Wills                 Way Out West
   19   Vera Ralston                The Fighting Kentuckian
   19   Harvey Wasden               L&H soundman
   20   Muriel Evans                Pack Up Your Troubles
   22   Orson Bean                  Sons of the Desert Co-Founder
   23   Hank Worden                 The Bullfighters
   29   Thelma Todd                 Another Fine Mess, On the Loose
    5   Ellinor Vanderveer          The Hoosegow
    6   Robert Mitchum              The Dancing Masters
    8   Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer      Our Gang
    9   Allen "Farina" Hoskins      Our Gang
   10   Jack Haley                  Pick a Star
   11   Jean Parker                 The Flying Deuces
   15   Charles Gemora              The Chimp
   16   Lucien Littlefield          Sons of the Desert, Dirty Work
   17   Charles Judels              Swiss Miss
   18   Andrea Leeds                The Bohemian Girl
   19   Charlie Hall                Tit For Tat, Come Clean
   20   Fred Kelsey                 Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
   23   Jean Darling                Our Gang
   26   Richard Currier             L&H Film Editor
   27   James Finlayson             Pardon Us, Big Business
   27   Thomas Benton Roberts       Two Tars
   30   Julie Bishop                The Bohemian Girl

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