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September-October 2004

Volume 37, Number 5

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Annual Banquet October 2nd
Egyptian Theater Tour
Flying Deuces & Stan Laurel Solo Films on DVD
Birdnappers Caught: A True Story

August Meeting Notes
International Convention Notes

2004 Annual Celebrity banquet At Beverly Garland Hotel

The Way Out West Tent Annual Celebrity Banquet will take place Saturday, October 2nd at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood. Stars who worked at the Hal Roach Studios and with Laurel & Hardy have confirmed their attendance, and many past celebrity members who are no longer with us will be honored with rare video of their appearances at previous banquets.

Confirmed guests include: Lassie Lou Ahern (Our Gang), Peggy Ahern (Our Gang), Patsy Barry (Our Gang), Marjory Campbell (Their First Mistake), Dorothy deBorba (Our Gang), Dick Jones (Babes in Toyland), Margaret Kerry (Our Gang), Mildred Kornman (Our Gang), Joy Lane (Babes in Toyland), Buddy MacDonald (Pardon Us), and Delmar Watson (Our Gang). As always, celebrity attendance is subject to their health and scheduling.

The Beverly Garland Hotel is located at 4222 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood. Cocktails will begin at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. The menu will consist of Chicken Oscar with red roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, and cheesecake for dessert. Registration is $40 per member and $50 per non-member. Advanced registration is required. Click here for a registration form.

Click here for a map to the Beverly Garland Hotel...

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Sign up for the Egyptian Theatre Tour

On Tuesday, November 30th, the Way Out West Tent will hold a joint meeting with The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. We will be showing Babes in Toyland in 35mm. Way Out West Tent dues paid members will be able to attend the 7:30 p.m. screening for free.

A forty-five minute tour of the theater will be offered by the American Cinematheque at 5:30 p.m., if twenty of our members are interested. The cost for the tour is $7 ($5 for children under 12 and seniors over 65). After the tour, you will have about an hour to have dinner before the film begins.

If you are interested, please send a check to The Way Out West Tent to reserve your place on the tour. Be sure to include your telephone number (and e-mail, if possible). Mail it to Bob Satterfield-Theater Tour, P. O. Box 448, Patton, CA 92369. There is a limited number that can go on this tour. First come, first served. If you have any questions call Bob at (909) 883-5167 or contact us.

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Flying Deuces & Stan Laurel Solo Films on DVD

Although most of Laurel & Hardy's films remain unavailable on DVD in the United States, Kino International has released several new DVDs of interest to Laurel and Hardy fans. The first video is a restored version of Flying Deuces. This disc was reportedly transferred from a very nice print of the film, as compared to the many poor quality releases previously issued for this public domain film.

Also new to DVD are:

The Stan Laurel Collection includes (on two DVDs): Chasing the Chaser; Dr. Pyckle & Mr. Pride; Frozen Hearts; Half a Man; Mother's Joy; Navy Blue Days; Near Dublin; Oranges and Lemons; Postage Due; Roughest Africa; Short Kilts;The Sleuth; The Snow Hawk; The Soilers; West of Hot Dog; Yes, Yes Nanette; and Zeb vs. Paprika.

The Charley Chase Collection includes: All Wet, April Fool, Crazy Like a Fox, Long Fliv the King, Mighty Like a Moose, and Mum's the Word.

The Harold Lloyd Collection includes: An Eastern Westerner; Are Crooks Dishonest?; Bumping into Broadway; Grandma's Boy; His Royal Slyness; I Do; Just Neighbors; and Number, Please?

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Cuckoo Song Catches Birdnappers: A True Story

A man in Swindon, England owned a cockatiel which he had taught to whistle Laurel and Hardy's theme, the Cuckoo Song. He then sold the bird to an aviary in Salisbury. Once this bird came in contact with the other cockatiels at the aviary, many of them started to whistle the Cuckoo Song as well. Then, twelve of these birds were stolen from the aviary. The police informed the public to listen for birds whistling Laurel & Hardy's theme song. Soon after, an anonymous source reported hearing the song and called the police. Two people were arrested for the theft and eight of the birds were recovered.

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Notes from the August Meeting

The August Way Out West meeting featured a rare all-digital presentation of Laurel & Hardy films. These movies were imported from Europe, where they had been restored to their original glory. Not only were they incredibly clear, but they also featured material never before seen at a Way Out West meeting.

The film program consisted of Dirty Work, Chickens Come Home, and Pardon Us. Pardon Us featured twelve extra minutes of footage, including a scene from the German version of the film that was not included in the English film. Scenes including Laurel and Hardy speaking Spanish, French, and German were also shown (along with their English counterparts).

Joining us were Larry Breslow (son of A-Haunting We Will Go writer Lou Breslow) and Edgar Kennedy's grandchildren, Mark and Donna. L&H costumer Jay Dare was also in attendance. The meeting included a raffle and a pair of cakes. Thank you to everyone who made donations for the Maude Booth Family Center.

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International Convention

The 14th International Convention took place July 14-18, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by the Perfect Day Tent. The 15th International Convention is scheduled for July 2006 in Augusta, Georgia.

Click here for a special report from the International Convention in Columbus...

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Chuck McCann

Sons of the Desert founding member


Wally Albright

Our Gang


Alan Ladd

Great Guns


Pete Smith

Tree in a Test Tube


Mantan Moreland

A Hanuting We Will Go


Lois Laurel Sr.

Mrs. Stan Laurel


Darwood "Waldo" Kaye

Our Gang


Arthur Jefferson

Stan's Father


Billy Gilbert


Dickie Moore

Our Gang


Jackie Cooper

Our Gang


Tommy "Butch" Bond

Block-Heads, Our Gang


Ben Turpin

Our Wife, Saps at Sea


Robert "Mickey" Blake

The Big Noise, Our Gang


Joy Lane

Babes in Toyland, Our Gang


Billy Bletcher

Babes in Toyland


Antonio Moreno

Bohemian Girl



Charley Rogers

A Chump at Oxford


Spanky McFarland

Wild Poses, Our Gang


Lois Roberts

Mrs. Thomas Benton Roberts


Leroy Shield



Leo McCarey



Charles Middleton

Beau Hunks, Flying Deuces


Buster Keaton


Scotty Beckett

Our Gang


Jim MacGeorge

Stan Laurel Impresionest


Arthur Housman

Our Relations, Scram


Johnny Downs

Our Gang


Mickey Daniels

Our Gang


Art Lloyd



Daphne Pollard

Our Relations, Thicker than Water


Charlie Chase

Sons of the Desert, On the Wrong Trek


Madge Jefferson

Stan's Mother


Gordon "Porky" Lee

Our Gang

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