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Your questions and comments may be directed to the Way Out West Tent by postal mail or e-mail. We try our best to answer all incoming e-mail. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the volume, so please be patient; we're all volunteers doing this in our spare time

Way Out West Tent U.S. Mail Address

Our organization may be contacted by mail at the following address:

Sons of the Desert
Way Out West Tent
P.O. Box 1918-N
Burbank, CA 91507

Way Out West Tent E-Mail Address

If you have a question, please be sure to first review our Frequently Asked Questions. If that doesn't answer your question, or if you would just like to make a general comment, please click on the following link to reveal our email address:

click here for e-mail

Please included a meaningful subject in your email. This account gets a tremendous amount of spam. Email with subjects such as "Question" or "Help!" will probably be filtered out before we ever see the message.

If your incoming e-mail is automatically filtered, please be sure to add our address to the list of mail that you accept.

Privacy Statement

The Way Out West Tent maintains an e-mail database for our own private use. Your name and E-mail address is added to this database when you sign our Guest Book and/or when you join any of our Announcement Lists. Your name and address will also be added to this database when you order items from the Way Out West Tent Store. Under no circumstances will we sell, share, or reveal your name or e-mail address to others.

You may be added or removed from our database at any time, by contacting us at either of the above addresses.

Occasionally we will send e-mail to those in the database, letting you know about news or events that we hope will interest you (we define occasionally as once or twice a year). If you join any of our announcement lists you will receive e-mail from us more frequently, depending on each particular list. More information on the frequency of these mailings is available on the list sign-up page. Please inform us at the e-mail address above if you receive duplicate mailings, so that we may correct our records. If you change your e-mail address you will need to inform us of your new address, if you wish to continue receiving mail from us.

Posting reviews in the Babes in Toyland, Sons of the Desert, or Way Out West feature film sites will publicly disclose your name and e-mail address. If you don't want your name or e-mail address displayed on our website, please do not participate in these forums.