48. "Skirts"
(1921) Fox Films Corporation. Directed by Hampton Del Ruth. Starring Harry Booker, Glen Cavender, Buster Keaton, Slim Summerville and Edgar Kennedy


49. "The Leather Pushers"
(1922) Universal Two-Reeler. Starring Reginald Denny as 'Kid Robertson', with Edgar Kennedy.


50. "Oh, Daddy"
(1922) Mack Sennett Picture. Released April 1922. Directed by Roy Del Ruth. Starring Billy Bevan and Edgar Kennedy


51. "Racing For Life"
(1924) Columbia Pictures. Written by Henry MacRae. With William Fairbanks, Eva Novak and Edgar Kennedy.


52. "The Night Message"
(1924) Universal Pictures FEATURE. Directed by Perley Poore Sheehan. With Gladys Hulette, Howard Truesdale and Edgar Kennedy.


53. "The Battling Fool"
(1924) Columbia Pictures. Written and Directed by W. S. Van Dyke. With William Fairbanks, Pat Harmon, Eva Novak and Edgar Kennedy. Melodrama. A minister's son (William Fairbanks) is taken in hand by an ex-prize fighter (Pat Harmon) and turned into a world champion. The finale finds him frustrating an embezzlement attempt and rescuing his sweetheart (Eva Novak) from a burning building.




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