The "Way Out West" Periodical Tribute to Stan and Ollie

Guide to Laurel and Hardy Locations

In the late '70s, members of our tent set out to rediscover the actual locations that were used in Laurel and Hardy's films. With the help of some stills, some old records, and a little luck, over 60 specific locations were rediscovered. A special Pratfall was printed, depicting "then" and "now" photos of these locations; it's 64 pages and has over 150 then-and-now photos. It includes locations seen in such films as:

It also includes locations such as:

This issue was published in 1985. Today, a few of the locations are gone...flattened into parking lots or replaced by apartment buildings. But most are still standing. Surprisingly, some look even better now than they did a few years ago! This is a great guide for a self-tour or a way to see the locations if you never plan on visiting Southern California.

The Pratfall staff for this issue was Bob Satterfield, Earl Kress, and Rick Farmiloe; it was edited by Lori Jones McCaffery. In addition, assistance was given by Randy Skretvedt, Venice Lloyd (Mrs. Art Lloyd), Ben and Lucille Hardy Price, Tony and Lois Laurel Hawes, Anita Garvin Stanley, Dorothy Granger Hilder, Hal E. Roach, Sr., Thomas Benton Roberts, Roy Seawright, Ellinor Vanderveer, Bob Davis, Richard W. Bann, Rick Greene, Joe Rinaudo, John Chambers, Charles Beahn, E.T. Guymon, John Duff, Chris Hubrig, Don Benegas, Mauricio Arellano, Steve Searl, Hank Jones and the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. THERE WAS NEVER ANY PAID STAFF FOR PRATFALL AND ALL PROCEEDS STILL GO ENTIRELY TO THE WAY OUT WEST TENT.

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