The "Way Out West" Periodical Tribute to Stan and Ollie

Contents of Past Issues

There are a total of 18 issues of Pratfall.


Issue 1
The first issue features an article about the life of James Finlayson; Babe London visits the Way Out West tent; an L&H crossword puzzle; a Then & Now film location comparison; little known facts about the films; and the 1937 review of Way Out West from Variety . (8 pages, 1968)

Issue 2
An article about Edgar Kennedy; an interview with Mantan Moreland; a 1933 review of Sons of the Desert from Variety ; L&H trivia; a crossword puzzle; letters and editorials. (16 pages, 1969)

Issue 3
A visit with Billy Gilbert; a reprint of a 1929 magazine article about the boys; an article by Sons of the Desert founder, John McCabe; some Then & Now location photos; L&H trivia; a review of Bonnie Scotland from Variety ; letters and editorials; and the answers to last issue's crossword puzzle. (16 pages, 1969)

Issue 4
A reprint of a 1932 magazine article by Stan's father, about Stan; an interview with Joe Rock; an article by John McCabe; more Then & Now photos; a review of Pardon Us from 1931; L&H trivia, letters, and editorials. (16 pages, 1970)

Issue 5
Ruth Laurel Remembers; a comparison between L&H films and the play, Waiting for Godot ; a scathing review of The Bohemian Girl , from Variety ; an article about L&H on stage at the 1940 Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco; an article about odd film gauges; Then & Now; more letters and trivia. (16 pages, 1971)

Issue 6
Special Art Issue: An entire original L&H film, in storyboard form; L&H Animation; an excerpt that analyzes Babe's handwriting; an editorial by Dick Bann; L&H Impressionists; a review of Fra Diavolo from Variety ; letters, trivia, and Then & Now photos. (16 pages, 1971)

Issue 7
An article about T. Marvin Hatley; the sheet music for the Coo Coo song; photos from an all-star banquet; a review of Swiss Miss from Variety ; letters, trivia, and an editorial. (16 pages, 1972)

Issue 8
L&H This is Your Life transcript (Part 1 of 2); the Sons Escutcheon; L&H sculptures; a listing of dates and places that Stan & Mae Laurel performed their vaudeville acts; Babe's tattoo; a Toast to Babe Hardy; letters, trivia, and a review of A Chump at Oxford . (16 pages, 1972)

Issue 9
Hal Roach on Laurel & Hardy; This is Your Life transcript (conclusion); and L&H comic strip; a review of Our Relations from Variety ; an article by John McCabe; a 1933 L&H ad for Mobile Oil; letters, news, & trivia. (16 pages, 1972)

Issue 10
An open letter from Dick Bann; L&H on stage in the mid-west; a review of Pack Up Your Troubles ; Hollywood Walk of Fame; letters; and odds & ends. (16 pages, 1973)

Issue 11
An article about Jess Robbins; Ford automobiles in L&H films; Richard Bann corrects other people's mistakes; L&H comic strip; Marcel Marceau and Chill Wills on L&H; a review of Babes in Toyland from Variety ; letters. (16 pages, 1974)

Issue 12
Early Ollie: The Plump and Runt Films; an article about George Burns and one about Grady Sutton; a reprint of an interview with Stan; a comic strip; a review of Blockheads ; and an editorial. (16 pages, 1975)

Issue 13
Fin's Feature Filmography; a reprint of a rare 1929 article from American Cinematographer ; Hollywood war effort in 1942; another Mobil Oil ad from the '30s; an article about the director of A Haunting We Will Go ; L&H puzzle; where Laurel Street crosses Hardy Street; and an editorial. (16 pages, 1976)

Issue 14
An article about Mae Busch; The Perfect Day trivia; a dissertation on L&H; L&H Music; reprint of another interview with Stan Laurel; an interview with Ellinor Vanderveer; a critique of the critics; and a comic strip. (16 pages, 1977)

Issue 15
Three feature articles about L&H; a visit to Ulverston; an ad for Bell and Howell cameras, featuring L&H during Great Guns . (16 pages, 1978)

Issue 16
An article reprinted from the TV Guide; an article about Jimmy Aubrey; The Funniest Georgian Ever Born; Mother Goose Located; a tribute to Mantan Moreland; a review of the 1976 London theatrical version of Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy ; the second part of a British article on the boys; and letters. (16 pages, 1980)

Issue 17
Hollywood '80; Interviews with Lois Laurel and Lucille Hardy Price; reprint of an article from the Associated Press announcing a 1956 L&H comeback; Laurel and Hardy meet the Pink Panther; a review of Pardon Us reprinted from Time ; the final part of that three part British article on the boys; and some letters. (16 pages, 1982)

Issue 18
This was a quadruple issue of Pratfall, featuring a then and now guide to L&H movie locations. It features photographs and addresses for over a hundred different locations. Most of these locations were first discovered by members of our tent in preparation for the Hollywood '80 Convention. The book was prepared years later, in response to the tours' great success. (64 pages, 1985) [More about issue 18]

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